Remove Mold the Green Way

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Spring and summer are ideal for cleaning your home. To ensure that the inside of your home is sanitary and in good overall condition, removing any mold should be one of your top priorities. Sure, when you use products laced with toxic chemicals you are able to get the job done quickly and with little effort. What about the awful smells? Pregnant women are even told not to clean with certain harsh smelling chemical products. The smell of bleach alone can cause you to have a major headache. If you are experiencing mold in your home, you may want to read over this article and weigh the benefits of cleaning the green way.

Eliminating mold the environmentally safe way not only is beneficial to the earth but is advantageous for you as well. No harmful gases are released into the air we breathe and the delicate atmosphere surrounding us. When you are cleaning you won’t have to worry about your children inhaling poisonous gases into their little developing lungs.

The green way of treating and eliminating mold in your home is just as effective as toxic chemical solutions. This article is going to give you three green alternatives to treat and eradicate mold without the use of chemical products.

The first but most strenuous way to clean mold is to make a solution out of water and regular detergent. A lot of scrubbing is required and this backbreaking method is the least effective way to treat mold out of the three ways that will be described. The area that you clean may appear to be free of mold but this method will not totally get rid of all the spores.

If you don’t feel like creating your own green mixture to get rid of the mold in your home, opt for a green product available in many stores. Companies are now developing cleaning products for mold and other bothersome cleaning issues with natural substances that are safe for you and the environment. Just expect to pay a little extra for these items. These commercial mold cleaners with added organic ingredients are more effective than the first method.

The ingredients for the third way and greenest way to clean mold can be found right in your kitchen. Vinegar, lemon juice, and salt have also been known to be effective in the treatment of mold.

Try using one or all of the three treatment methods mentioned in this article. You will breathe easier and also help safeguard the environment.

By: Bradley Skierkowski