Sewage Odors and Smells in my House

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Sewage Odors and Smells in my House

Septic tank odors are the first sign of septic tank problems. Septic tanks are typically located underground and are in some cases difficult to locate. Call a professional if need be. The first task in correcting septic tank odors is to first identify the source of the odor. The odor may be coming from a dried out pee trap located in the basement or garage. The sole purpose of a pee trap is to fill with drain water and to block toxic gasses from entering the house. Pee traps have a tendency of drying out allowing toxic sewer gases to escape into your home causing the sewage odor.

Have the septic tank system pumped out. If not maintained properly with a beneficial bacteria additive, septic tanks will fill with solid waste causing the toilets to gurgle creating septic tank odors and even creating a back up in the house.

Septic tank odors can also be caused from a lack of septic tank ventilation. Every home is equipped with a septic tank vent pipe allowing the toxic septic gasses to vent to the outside environment. These pipes can clog with snow, birds nest and wasp’s nest restricting the gas from properly venting.

Drain fields can also clog up with bio mat as a result of anti bacterial soaps and excessive water consumption causing the system beneficial bacteria to die off resulting in strong toxic septic tank odors. Take a look at your system and try to determine the cause of the septic odors. Call a professional and have the system inspected on a regular basis. Septic systems should last a life time with very little maintenance.

By: Bradley Skierkowski