Some Facts on Mold

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Some Facts on Mold

Mold exists on our planet in a variety of kinds, in fact thousands. As far as colors go, there is black, brown, white, and green mold. What color they are plays a great deal in the name they are called. Black mold is often times inaccurately labeled as being toxic. Just because it is black mold doesn’t necessarily mean it is poisonous and will release mycotoxins into the air, although, Stacybotrys atra is black in color. Molds are basically nuisances which thrive in certain areas of our home.
Black mold forund in a small basement
Molds are fungi that break down organic materials. Molds do well in settings which are damp and provide enough of a moist environment for survival. They feed off of organic substances. Buildings which have undergone water damage in the past may suddenly become overrun with mold due to more humid temperatures. Damp areas with little light are ideal settings for mold to cultivate and prosper. Molds may take up to a couple of months to develop.
Black mold found in a small basement

There are times when mold is inactive, but get right back to business as soon as the opportunity presents itself. For example, you may move into a condo and think everything is great, no mold: but as soon as the spring and summer come around you see mold growing everywhere. The problem was left untreated and now getting rid of it is your project.

One easy way to reduce the chances of getting black mold is to properly vent your rooms like your bathroom and allow as much natural light into the room as possible. Other easy things include cleaning on a regular basis. If you have children, be sure all the water is out of their bath toys. These toys are perfect for mold development.

There are so many natural products available on the market that will safely eliminate mold. Being ‘green’ is quite trendy these days and cleaning products made with natural ingredients are becoming more and more popular.

By: Bradley Skierkowski