Suggested Inspections for Bed Bugs

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There isn’t any lack of conviction that bed bug infestations are soaring throughout the entire United States. Major cities which are heavily traveled to are becoming overrun with these horrendous blood thieves. Popular cities like Chicago and New York City and all of the communities that surround them are being invaded. If bed bugs have entered a particular place of residence, it doesn’t necessarily dictate that the home or apartment wasn’t clean. Bed bugs gain entrance by concealing themselves in your suitcases, backpacks, and other items you bring into your home. Hotels, prominent five star resorts, have fallen victim to these tiny beasts. They have also been reported on cruise ships, like the Royal Caribbean, and popular hotel chains, like the Sheraton in San Francisco.

Traveling as been made more attainable to people over the years and flying overseas is a lot cheaper than it used to be. Increased international travel has enabled bed bugs to spread to virtually every area of the planet with moderate temperatures. It is extremely vital that you thoroughly inspect your hotel upon entrance and prior to your return home. This article is going to provide you with some critical things you should do on your travels.

No one wants to bring bed bugs back with them from their vacation or business trip. Here’s what you should do immediately upon entering your room:

First, pull back the bed linens and inspect the top and bottom of the mattress. Pay close attention to the seams and any folds in the fabric. Also, look for brown and red stains, resembling little speck marks. This will be bed bug waste and signs that bed bugs have been crushed by hotel guests.

Second on the list will be to examine the bed frame and headboard areas of the bed. Bed bugs take a liking to wooden furniture and conceal themselves in any little crack or crevice. You may come across skin that has been shed or existing bed bugs. If you have to stay at the same hotel, make sure the next room you get is on the other side of the hotel. There is a good chance that bed bugs have infested the rooms on either side of the room you were in and maybe even the whole side. Sleeping in your car may never have sounded so appealing.

The majority of us place our suitcases right on the floor on a chair or bed in the hotel room. That is not a wise thing to do. Use the luggage rack provided to you by the hotel. They are usually metal and placed as a shelf would be on the wall.

Finally, as you are packing to go, check over your suitcase and everything you plan to put into it. Bed bugs can hide in magazines and other items, not just your clothes. Any sign of bed bugs should be immediately reported to hotel management. Good hotels will want to take care of the problem as soon as they can. Many hotels are using natural products to control the spread of bed bugs, such as diatomaceous earth. It kills bed bugs safely and prevents future infestations from occurring.

By: Bradley Skierkowski