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A bed bug can have no better comparison than Dracula. A bed bug will hide in the shadows and when you least expect it, like when you are sleeping, bite you and suck your blood. Bed bugs do most of their work at night while we are sound asleep and most vulnerable. The science community knows bed bugs by the label Cimex lectularius. Bed bugs are small, are brown in color, and are not raised. Where do bed bugs take cover during the daylight hours? Why, in walls and the cozy places we rest at night. They are most obviously, as their name implies, found in mattresses, but can also be found in your box spring and headboard. Bed bugs do not assemble in one particular place like honeybees and other insects do.

Sometimes mature bed bugs are wrongly identified as ticks or cockroaches. The body of a bed bug is level and tough and just about one quarter inch long. Bed bugs move rapidly, and do so all over your home just like cockroaches. Female bed bugs can produce as many as five hundred eggs over the course of their lifetime and it only takes a month after the eggs have hatched for the little insects to reach their full potential. The development process could take a little longer if the just beginning bed bugs can’t find any blood or if their environment isn’t as warm as they would prefer it to be. Don’t let this fool you into believing that they will surely die without any food. They can do without it for many months and their elders can go for as long as one year without dining.

Individuals who may be highly susceptible to bed bugs are those who travel often. This is because when you are not at home on a regular basis, you probably won’t change the sheets as often as they should be. One easy way to prevent bed bugs is to maintain a clean living environment.

There is only an extremely rare chance that a bed bug could be the originating cause for the spread of a particular disease or virus. Bed bug bites will swell and you will have a strong desire to scratch at them just as you would a mosquito bite. Try to keep the scratching to a minimum because they could become infected and eventually scar. To alleviate the irritation and discomfort apply either a cortisone cream or an antibiotic cream as recommended by your family doctor.

The intent of this article was to inform you of an insect, bed bugs, which are increasingly showing up in homes and hotel rooms as an unwanted guest. If you are experiencing a problem there are methods available to control bed bugs, whether it be utilizing the help of a professional or using a particular product geared specifically for bed bugs.

By: Bradley Skierkowksi Source Bed Bug Spray