Anaerobic Bacterial Septic Tank Treatment

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Anaerobic Bacterial Septic Tank Treatment

This article will help to define for the reader the difference between anaerobic and aerobic bacterial treatments. We will also touch on anaerobic septic tank treatments available on the market and the benefits of monthly maintenance treatments.

Typically, anaerobic septic systems with drain fields are utilized in rural areas of the country where city sewer lines are not available to the public. There has been some confusion between aerobic bacteria systems and anaerobic bacteria systems. The differences between the two are fairly simple. Most septic systems operate as an anaerobic septic system or in the absent of oxygen. These systems typically are designed with a 1000 gallon septic tank and a drain field that will extend out 100 ft. to 1000 ft in length made up of crushed stone and perforated drain line used for draining the digested effluent off the septic tank into the drain field for absorption into the earth.

With the introduction of soft soaps and cleaners that contain anti bacterial additives, beneficial bacterial supplements are becoming a necessity in the operation of anaerobic septic systems. The beneficial bacteria replaces the anaerobic bacteria killed off by the over use of anti bacterial products and excessive amounts of water.

Aerobic septic systems are becoming more common in rural areas because of their ability to break down human solid waste more effectively then anaerobic systems. Aerobic septic systems require a continuous injection of air flow into the system creating constant aeration of the system. Aerobic systems have moving parts, require more maintenance and are more costly to operate then the anaerobic systems.

Be sure to do your research before you purchase septic tank treatment products. There are many week, inferior septic tank treatments on the market today. Septic tank bacterial products that contain extremely low or nonexistent bacterial counts rendering the product virtually ineffective in the treatment of a septic tank and drain field system.

Septic tank treatments can extend the life of your system for many years. The regular use of septic tank treatments will ensure you the home owner with years of problem free service.

By: Bradley Skierkowski