Dogs that sniff out Bed Bugs

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Bed bug sniffing dogs got their start when a retired policeman whose job was training k-9 dogs at a Florida college to find termites, wondered if he could train them to sniff out bed bugs. Bed bugs were a problem in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. They appeared for years and after World War 11 seemed to have become a past nuisance. However, in the last few decades they have resurfaced with a vengeance. If dogs could sniff out termites, why couldn’t they find bed bugs? Researchers from Florida who specifically study insects, a science referred to as entomology, did meticulous tests which validated what was suspected all along. Not only could these dogs be trained to find termites, they successfully found bed bugs and other annoying pests from the insect family.
Professional bed bug sniffing dogs
With the same training employed with other k-9 units such as bomb and drug sniffing jobs, the bed bug K-9 units were formed and rules for testing and how to train these insect seeking dogs were employed. A business was born. An agency was created to make and enforce certification guidelines for the new k-9 insect dogs. The agency is “The National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association.” Many canine sniffing dog organizations which specialize in bed bugs are now popping up all over. They will probably be in the forefront of leading the war on bed bugs.
Bed Bug sniffing dogs are helping locate pockets of the bed bug insect
Just remember when looking for bed bug sniffing dogs there are several directives to follow. Ask if the agencies are using certified dogs. Can the dogs find bed bug eggs? If bed bugs are discovered, the next thing should be to destroy them as soon as possible.
More and more Hotels are reporting bed bugs

Bed bug infestations can be destroyed with diatomaceous earth. It is a natural substance that is safe for us to use but is lethal to bed bugs. It massacres entire bed bug populations by severing their exoskeletons which in turn causes them to dehydrate and die. Bed bugs can spread rapidly, so proper elimination is imperative.

By: Bradley Skierkowski