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Life Expectancy of a Septic Tank Drain Field?

This article will help the current homeowner or potential homeowner buyer in determining the life expectancy of the septic tank system and drain field. We will also discuss various types of systems, septic tanks, drain fields, their components and how a septic tank functions. We will also offer some tips for treating the septic tank and drain field in an attempt to help maximize the life expectancy of your system.

There are several issues to consider when you are determining the functionality of a septic tank and the life expectance of such a system. Over use of the system is probably the most common factor in failed septic systems. Over use could be from too much water or water overload that can come from showers and laundry. Anti-bacterial soaps and anti-bacteria cleansers will kill off coli form bacteria that are necessary in the digestion process of solids into effluent before they flow out to the septic tank drain field.

When purchasing a home try to find out if there were any additions made to the home and the year it was built. If there were several rooms or sq. ft added to the home and the septic system was not upgraded, the system may be too small for the home depending on how many people will live there. The system will become over taxed and may eventually fail due to over use.

Construction materials are largely the most important factor in determining the life expectancy of a septic system. Septic tanks that are constructed of steel will typically last 10 to 20 years depending on soil conditions. Soils with high acidity levels will typically rust faster and eventually cave in creating a hazard to homeowners. Septic tanks constructed of concrete will typically last 50 years plus. Septic tanks constructed of polymers will usually last 50 years plus.

Never plant trees over or near a septic tank. This will only spell disaster in the future. Tree roots will eventually make their way into the system causing damage to the septic tank and the drain field costing the homeowners thousands in repairs.

The length of time a septic system and drain field will last depends on the amount of TLC you give your system. Most septic system and drain fields will last approximately 14 months to 40 years on the high side. My system is 51 years old and functions great with no problems. Stay clear of anti-bacteria products and cleaning products that kill off bacteria is part of the secret to a healthy septic system. Make sure to treat your system with beneficial bacterial septic tank treatment on a monthly basis and to ensure a healthy septic system enjoying years of a trouble free system.

By: Bradley Skierkowski