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AQUASHADE 4 Gallon Aquatic Dye - 4 Acre Coverage + Free Shipping


AQUASHADE 4 Acre treatment is a perfect blend of blue and yellow dyes specifically designed to screen or shade portions of the sunlight spectrum (red-orange and blue-violet) needed by underwater aquatic plant and algae growth. Blocking certain spectrums effectively inhibits photo-synthesis in young, bottom growth and can prevent development altogether if applied early enough in the season.
AQUASHADE is primarily effective at depths of two feet or greater. Inhibition of Planktonic (suspended) algae blooms has also been proven. Desirable, floating leaved plants such as lilies are unaffected if they have already surfaced and concentrated product does not contact leaves directly.
For control of shallow-water plants, surface algae mats and other free-floating plants unaffected by AQUASHADE, Applied Biochemists has a variety of quality algaecides and aquatic herbicides to selectively solve these problems. Use of AQUASHADE in conjunction with these other products provides an effective year round control and maintenance program.
AQUASHADE is the only "colorant" product of its kind which is registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for aquatic plant growth control. Therefore, it is the only formulation which has gone through the necessary testing to meet these criteria. Aquatic plant growth control claims by other dye manufacturers are illegal under both Federal E.P.A. regulations and U.S. patent laws. Furthermore, aquatic treatment with non-registered dyes, even as a colorant, is illegal in some states. Environmental and regulatory concerns warrant prudent use of properly labeled aquatic treatment products.
AQUASHADE is easy to apply by simply pouring in along the water's edge. Natural water movements will quickly disperse the product until even coloration is achieved throughout. Quicker dispersion can be accomplished by applying AQUASHADE evenly on the surface with a sprayer, injecting into water pumps, or applying around aerators or waterfalls. Wearing of rubber gloves and protective eye wear is advised for cleanliness and safety.
AQUASHADE has been used effectively in sites ranging from backyard garden pools to large business park and residential development ponds. It is also popular with fish farmers who need to suppress rooted plant growth in order to facilitate netting at harvest time. Golf course superintendents enjoy the aesthetic appeal and product performance which does not interfere with use of water for irrigation. Farm and recreational ponds are not restricted for livestock watering nor swimming following applications.
AQUASHADE is non-corrosive and will not stain bathing suits, fountain surfaces or other water features at use dilution. It is oxidized by chlorine, so some loss of color may be expected in chlorinated water systems. Coloration is gradually lost by dilution, photodegradation and some biodegredation over time. Normal "half-life" of the product is four weeks. However, since these factors will vary, needed additions of AQUASHADE to maintain color concentrations may range from weekly to monthly.


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Read Entire Label Prior To Treatment - 4 Gallons Treats up 4 Acres
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