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Jet Black Pond, Lake and Lagoon Dye + Free Shipping


Jet Black Lake & Pond Dye

Jet Black Lake & Pond Dye is a proprietary blend of environmentally friendly, nontoxic, water-soluble dyes formulated to reduce sunlight penetration and
impart a natural black color when applied to ponds, lakes and fountains. JET BLACK EZ SoluPaks are protected by a unique, waterproof, foil-lined over
pack to prevent accidental staining while handling.

Jet Black, and its water-soluble packaging, dissolve quickly and are nontoxic to turf grass, birds, mammals, reptiles, fish or other aquatic species.
Irrigation, swimming and other recreational uses are approved during and following the use of this product.
Applications to chlorinated water may require more frequent treatment.

Use In Ponds, Lakes, Fisheries and ornamental bodies of water.

Contains: Proprietary blend of water-soluble dyes and stabilizers……… 100.0%

Rate: Each JET BLACK EZ SoluPak will effectively treat one (1) acre foot, or approximately 325,852 gallons of water.


  • Non-Toxic
  • Water Soluable
  • Reduces Sunlight Penetration
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy to Apply
  • Case Covers 6 Acre Feet

Directions: See Label for complete directions.

Jet Black Lake & Pond Dye

**No Herbicides, Algaecides or Chemicals to NY**
**Some products cannot ship to CA, CT, NJ & WA**
Read Entire Label Prior To Treatment
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