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GreenClean®FX Liquid Algaecide 1 Gallon Algae Control+ Free Ship


GreenClean®FX Liquid Algaecide 1 Gallon - Eliminates Green Water - Compare to AlgaeFix for Koi and Ornamental Ponds is a commercial strength liquid algaecide for treatment and control of algae. With low application rates, GreenCleanFX is a highly effective and affordable solution your customers will appreciate. Safe to use in any water feature containing fish, plants and aquatic life.

GreenClean®FX Liquid Algaecide will suppress, control and prevent algae and cyanobacteria in contained waters such as Water Gardens, Fish Ponds, Ornamental Pools/Ponds, Ornamental Waterfalls, Fountains, Watering Tanks, Storage Tanks, Drip Irrigation Systems, Irrigation Systems, Water Collectors and Domestic/Commercial Waters. Waters treated with GreenClean 6% Liquid are permissible to be used without interruption. Apply more often during the summer months when water consumption and temperatures are high.


  • Eliminates Green Water Algae (pea soup) common in koi and ornamental ponds
  • Continues to Work Up to 48 Hours After Application
  • Instant results - see activity within minutes of application
  • Preventative Treatment Chlorine, Copper, and Phosphate Free
  • Safe For Koi and Other Small Pond Fish

Ingredients: Hydrogen Peroxide 5.34%, Peroxyacetic Acid 1.36%

Also for use in Stock Tanks and Livestock Water - Use GreenClean 6% Liquid to suppress / control algae, bacteria and fungi in stock tanks, stock watering ponds, tanks and troughs, and livestock water. Apply 1-2 fl oz of GreenClean 6% Liquid per 50 gallons of water for algae control. Product can be simply added to the body of waters as the residual control will allow for even distribution throughout the water column. Where existing algae mats are present at time of treatment, the most effective control will be obtained by breaking up mats and/or evenly dispersing diluted GreenClean 6% Liquid over the algae mats. Apply GreenClean 6% Liquid as needed to control and prevent algae growth; apply more frequent applications in times of higher water temperatures.

Dosage Rates:
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Algae Density Teaspoons GreenClean
6% Liquid / 50 gallons
Fluid Ounces GreenClean
6% Liquid / 500 gallons
Low .5 1
Moderate 1 1.7
High 2 3.4


Downloads - GreenClean FX Algaecide Label GreenCleanFX MSDS MSDS


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