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Garlon 4 Ultra 60.45% Triclopyr Specialty Herbicide was developed by Dow AgroSciences to deliver enhanced performance on unwanted vegetation along roadsides, industrial rights-of-way and similar noncrop sites. The advanced, patented formulation also helps ensure the continued availability of the workhorse active ingredient triclopyr for professional right-of-way vegetation management.

The industry standard for basal cut-stump, basal bark and dormant stem treatments, delivering excellent broad-spectrum control of woody plants even after other products call it quits for the season.

Garlon 4 Ultra is available exclusively from Dow AgroSciences to meet the changing needs of vegetation management professionals, the public and the environment. The innovative formulation uses a plant-derived solvent as a proactive measure to reduce organic compounds and petroleum distillates, reduce odor and improve overall performance. Dow AgroSciences also has updated and improved the label directions as part of its ongoing stewardship initiative.


  • Improved formulation, 4 lbs. a.i./gallon
  • Non-petroleum-based, plant-derived methylated seed oil solvent, reducing environmental impact
  • Industry standard for cut-stump, basal bark and dormant stem treatments
  • Demonstrates increased efficacy on multiple woody species, including mesquite, sweetgum and scotch broom
  • Broad-spectrum control of brush and broadleaf weeds
  • Low odor
  • Packaged in easy-to-use 2 ½ gallon containers and 30-gallon plastic drums
  • Available in returnable, refillable containers through Continuum™ Prescription Control & Container Management System

Garlon® 4 Ultra Triclopyr Herbicide controls woody plants, plus annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in non-crop areas. Recommended applications include industrial manufacturing and storage sites, rights-of-way such as electrical power lines, pipelines, roadsides, railroads, fence rows, forests and wildlife openings. Application rates range from 1 to 8 qts. per acre. May also be mixed with oil (diesel fuel, fuel oil or kerosene) or oil/water mixtures for basal bark or cut stump treatments.

Plants Controlled by Garlon 4 Ultra
Woody Plants
alder locust
arrowwood madrone
ash maples
aspen mulberry
bear clover (bearmat) oaks
beech persimmon
birch pine
blackberry poison ivy
blackgum poison oak
boxelder1 poplar
Brazilian pepper salmonberry
buckthorn salt-bush
cascara (Braccharis spp.)
Ceanothus salt-cedar1
cherry sassafras
chinquapin scotch broom
choke cherry sumac
cottonwood sweetbay magnolia
Crataegus (hawthorn) sweetgum
dogwood sycamore
Douglas-fir tanoak
elderberry thimbleberry
elm tree-of-heaven
gallberry (Ailanthus)1
gorse tulip poplar
hazel wax myrtle
hickory wild rose
hornbeam willow
kudzu2 winged elm
1For best control, use either a basal bark or cut stump treatment.
2For complete control, retreatment may be necessary.
Annual and Perennial Broadleaf Weeds
black medic matchweed
bull thistle mustard
burdock Oxalis
Canada thistle plantain
chicory purple loosestrife
clover ragweed
creeping beggarweed smartweed
curly dock sweet clover
dandelion vetch
field bindweed wild carrot
goldenrod (Queen Anne’s lace)
ground ivy wild lettuce
lambsquarters wild violet
lespedeza yarrow

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