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Roundup Custom Aquatic Herbicide 53.8% Glyphosate Herbicide + Free Shipping!


Anywhere weeds and water meet, there’s a strong chance that vegetation management problems can grow. Anyone who manages weeds and brush in sensitive aquatic or terrestrial sites knows that, when left unchecked, they create a growing problem. Roundup Custom® herbicide offers a multitask solution with applicator and use site flexibility.

The Roundup Custom Aquatic Terrestrial Herbicide is a post-emergent, systematic herbicide with no residual soil activity while providing broad-spectrum management of many perennial weeds, annual weeds, woody brush and trees. The active ingredient (Glyphosate) obstructs production of an enzyme in plants and microorganisms that are indispensable to the formation of specific amino acids.

• Application and use flexibility for weed and brush control by land or water

• Offers the flexibility to choose the right surfactant, tank mix or custom herbicide blend for the job at hand

• Non-selective and highly effective on more than 190 species of emerged weeds, brush and vines

• Excellent fit for all aquatic, forestry, right-of-way, industrial, turf, ornamental and habitat-restoration use sites, especially where weeds and water meet

• Eco-friendly packaging

Favorable Environmental and Toxicological Characteristics

The favorable environmental and toxicological characteristics of Roundup Custom® are well documented from nearly 40 years of research and use involving the active ingredient glyphosate.

• Glyphosate is classified as non-volatile

• No restriction on water use for irrigation, recreation or domestic purposes

• Binds tightly to soil particles on land or in water, and rapidly dissipates through microbial degradation

• Roundup Custom is practically nontoxic and essentially non-irritating to birds, fish, mammals, and soil or aquatic organisms

Roundup Custom 2.5 Gallon

Tank-Mixing Procedure

Always predetermine the compatibility of all tank-mix products in the carrier by mixing small proportional quantities in advance.

Add individual tank-mix components to the tank as follows: wettable powders; flowables; emulsifiable concentrates; drift reduction additives; water soluble liquids (this product); nonionic surfactants. Ensure that the tank-mix products are well mixed in the spray solution before adding this product. Mix only the quantity of spray solution that will be applied that day. Application of tank-mix solutions that are allowed to stand overnight could result in reduced weed control. Maintain gentile agitation at all times until the contents of the tank are sprayed out. If the spray mixture is allowed to settle, agitate thoroughly to resuspend the mixture before resuming application. Keep by-pass line on or near the bottom of the tank to minimize foaming. A 50-mesh nozzle screen or line strainer on the spray equipment is adequate.

Mixing Spray Solution Concentrations

All reference throughout this label to concentration of this product in a spray solution is on a percentage of-volume basis.

Prepare the desired volume of spray solution at a given concentration by mixing the amount of this product indicated in the following table with water.

Directions: See Label for complete directions. SDS info.

Roundup ProRoundup Custom Herbicide 53.8% Glyphosate Herbicide Treats 2.5 to 10 acres.

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