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NT-MAX Completely Restores Failed Drain Fields, Sand Mounds, Cesspits and All Other Septic Drainage Systems! Guaranteed!

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Get Ready For NT-MAX

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BBB® Accredited Business Seal
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Industrial Grade Septic Tank Treatment
Completely Restores All Failed Systems
Digests Tough Bio-Mat and Years of Buildup
Eliminates Odors & Wet Spots Overnight
Rescues Drain Field, Sand Mound, Cesspits & Drywells
Impeccable Better Business Bureau BBB A+ Rating
More Than 5,000 Verified 5 Star Reviews
Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee!


Why Is My System Failing?

The Most Common Causes Of Septic System Failure

Untreated or poorly maintained septic systems can develop severe Bio-Mat (undigested raw sewage) throughout the entire system which effects critical areas such as field lines, sand mounds, cesspits, drywells and related drainage areas. Over time, this Bio-Mat builds up in the surrounding soils making them less permeable, restricting the flow of effluent (septic liquids) leaving your tank. Once the clogging begins, pressure builds which slows the digestion rate of healthy bacteria which in turn causes further clogging! This snow-ball effect continues until the system ultimately fails completely.

Untreated septic systems have lower bacteria populations due to the use of everyday cleaners that “kill-off” the good bacteria needed to break down solids. In the old days, separate systems called “grey-water” tanks were installed to handle laundry, sink and bath water. In most modern systems, all of the grey-water goes right into your main tank which destroys massive amounts of bacteria on contact!.Picture of areas where drainfields clog

Reduced bacteria leads to small fragments of waste that drift into your drainage areas, slowing down your system and cutting off flow. Whether you have a sand-mound, cesspit or lateral line type drain field, this flow restriction is inevitable and leads to wet spots, slow draining, odors or even backup’s in your home!

NT-MAX to the Rescue!

NT-MAX Septic Tank Treatment has the Power to Fully Restore Your Clogged Septic and Clogged Drain field – Eating Massive Amounts of Sewage Overnight! Millions of Times Stronger than Over The Counter Products and 100% Safe to Humans, Pets, Septic Systems, Septic Drainfields, Plumbing and the Environment.

Our Industrial Strength Formula Contains Higher Bacterial and Enzyme Counts than Any Septic Tank Treatment on the Market! Commercial Grade Bacterial Enzyme formulas were used to treat the Galapagos Island Oil Spill in 2001 and the Hurricane Katrina Spills of 2005. Backed by over 70 years of manufacturer research, We 100% Guarantee that our products are the most powerful septic treatments available on the market


How About NT-MAX Reviews & Testimonials?

[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″]Newtechbio Has hundreds of Real Reviews & Testimonials from customers just like you![/su_column][su_column size=”1/2″]BBB® Accredited Business Seal
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Confused about which septic treatment to buy?

While Others Make Claims – We 100% Guarantee Our Products!

Each kit comes with a 100% Guarantee and our reviews and business ratings are second to none thanks to tens-of-thousands of satisfied customers and pumpers nationwide!

Countless pumper and homeowner referrals says it all. We are 100% HONEST and take your situation VERY SERIOUSLY as we know that the cost of replacing your system can be overwhelming.

NT-MAX is Rated #1 Because We Stand Behind Our Product and Our Customers

Newtechbio, Inc. utilizes ShopperApproved.com and other product rating portals to obtain Honest 3rd party independent and genuine reviews from real people just like you!

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[zl_tabs_cell title=”What Type of Septic Do I Have” left_icon=”fa-question-circle”]Your Tank is Rarely the Problem!

Most folks do not realize that if you replaced your tank today for a brand new one, your clogging would not go away! Tanks are merely large containers designed to fill up fast (days after pumping) and allow cleaner liquid to pass to your critical drainage areas. The trouble occurs when liquid cannot leach out through your drainage areas which leads to backups, wet spots and odors.

NT-MAX is stronger than ANY granular powder pack!

Unlike some granular bacteria powder packs that settle to the bottom of the tank and offer little to no help, NT-MAX super concentrated bacteria liquid travels through the tank system and out to the drainage zones where the clogging occurs.

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Typical Drain Field SystemClogged drainfield

[/su_column][su_column size=”1/3″]

Cesspit, Seepage Pit or CesspolCesspit trouble areas

[/su_column][su_column size=”1/3″]

Sand Mound or Raised Mound Type systemClogged snad mound

[/su_column][/su_row]Feel free to contact our tech support line for help determining what type of system you have. Toll free: 800-509-0927
[zl_tabs_cell title=”How Much Do I Need” left_icon=”fa-question-circle”]Treating Your System is So Easy!

For healthy, trouble free systems [gtfa type=”check” title=”Septic system running well” size=”22″ color=”#20d600″]

Start treating your system once each month with NT-MAX flushable granular bio-packs. Just 1 flushable pack per month will treat any size system for up to a family of 4. For families with 4 or more people, add 1 extra bio-pack per month for each additional two people. NT-MAX monthly maintenance packs come in 1 year, 28 month and 48 month supply sizes. NT-MAX septic maintenance packs are fast dissolving and water soluble – each packets contains billions of bacteria per gram which grow exponentially to digest waste in your tank, drain-field, cesspit and/or sand-mound system.

For systems experiencing trouble [gtfa type=”exclamation-triangle” title=”Septic system running well” size=”22″ color=”red”]

Start restoration your septic by administering 5 gallons of NT-MAX Super Shock through your commode followed by NT-MAX bio packs included with each kit. For households with more than 4 members, an additional 5 gallons per 2 people is suggested.

Please note*Cesspit, cesspool and seepage pit systems require 10 to 15 Gallons of NT-MAX regardless of household size as these types of systems clog differently from conventional systems and generally need a heavier dose to regain flow.

Call our tech support line if you need help ordering the right kit for your situation. Toll free: 800-509-0927[/zl_tabs_cell]
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NT-MAX Multiplies at an astonishing rate. Quickly passing from your commode to your tank, to your field or drainage area.

NT-MAX activates immediately upon hitting water. Once added to your commode, or (if accessable) your d-box or pit, the bacterial enzyme reaction will immediately start working against odors and will create a noticeable change in just a matter of days. As odors disappear, bacteria and enzymes continue to rapidly multiply in your tank andImage showing septic cleanout pipe before and after NT-MAX septic tank treatment drainage area and quickly digest sludge, oils, fats, grease, pulp and other organic matter. For more severe problems in the leach field, cesspit or mound, correction and clog reversal may take longer but most systems see a reduction in wet spots and odors within a few days and complete alleviation within 1 to 5 weeks time.

Even the most severe systems can be remediated with NT-MAX and regardless of how long it takes for your system to fully recover, Newtechbio stands behind each batch and we work with you until your issue is resolved. At Newtechbio we realize that replacing a septic system can be a life changing event for most people and we do our absolute best to assure that you do not have to deal with the financial burden of total replacement.
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[su_accordion] [su_spoiler title=”How does NT-MAX work?”]Septic microbes at workPowerful NT-MAX contains scientifically selected aggressive strains of beneficial bacteria that thrive on grease, soaps, detergents, food wastes, toilet tissue, and other organics clogging your septic system.

Once NT-MAX is applied, trillions of bacteria and enzymes immediately begin digesting all organic matter in your tank, lines, field or pit. Doubling in numbers every twenty minutes, NT-MAX converts the organics that are blocking your system into harmless water and carbon dioxide. By shocking your system with NT-MAX, trillions of hungry bacteria aggressively bombard and consume all system blocking organics to restore flow and absorption in your leach areas.

NT-MAX is resistant to most household chemicals and replenishes diminished bacteria resulting from the use of household products such as soaps, bleach, paints, cleaners and other chemicals. [/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Does NT-MAX work on all septic systems?”]Of Course! NT-MAX works on all septic systems.

NT-MAX will completely restore drain fields, cesspits, sand mounds, leach fields, leach pits, cesspools, sludge lagoons, spray irrigation systems, infiltrators, aerobic systems, seepage pits, drywells, grey water systems, French drains, grease traps, septic tanks and most all other septic system designs.
[su_spoiler title=”Is NT-MAX safe for all septic systems and around people?”]Absolutely. NT-MAX is 100% environmentally safe and will not harm people, animals, plants or any type of tank or pipes.

Safe for people, pets and the environment.Unlike many caustic, over the counter cleaners, NT-MAX does not harm internal or external components of your system. Many ‘hard’ chemicals can erode or jeopardize the structural integrity of your septic system components with repeated use.

NT-MAX contains non-pathogenic, non-hazardous concentrated strains of bacteria which focus on decomposing organics and bio-mat. Our lab cultivated strains will not harm anything living and are only designed to consume sludge and muck clogging your system.

Note: Newtechbio, and many government and institutional sites all agree that the repeated use of hard chemicals such as caustic, over the counter cleaners is not recommended.[/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Does NT-MAX come with any type of guarantee?”]NT-MAX septic treatment is 100% guaranteedNT-MAX “Walks The Walk” with each restoration kit including our Unconditional Leading Guarantee!

While most brands make big claims but offer no guarantee, or, they agree to send you more granular powder a few times (as if you want more at that point), only NewTechBio stands behind our NT-MAX product and guarantees your complete satisfaction.

While most system restoration occurs within 1 to 5 weeks, older and heavily compacted systems may take longer. If for any reason your system is not functioning after proper treatment to your satisfaction, you will receive a full refund. No hidden charges, no restocking fees, no fine print, no questions asked, period.[/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”What about odors, gurgling and wet spots?”]Low gas and pressure levels are normal in a healthy system but in a failing system, they become an ever growing problem and are a sign that something is wrong.

In weakened or poorly maintenance systems, excessive fatty odorous acids buildup and create gases as they decompose. This buildup creates pressure which forces gases and water to leach out of your drain field, tank lid or cesspit cover. In some cases the liquids cannot escape through the field or lid area which can create backups or odors in your home.

NT-MAX works fast at digesting and breaking down these fats and converting them into harmless water and C02 where they later absorb into the soils in your leach area. Once the acids are digested and flow improves, the smell and water goes away permanently!
[su_spoiler title=”What about other brands?”]While some additives provide a level of quality, many others are mere marketing ploys designed to lure consumers into purchasing low-grade, low cost products at any cost.

warningScammers are creative and are constantly thinking up new ways to trick and mislead you, the consumer. Scam marketing websites use fake reviews and testimonials and even create ‘blog’ type websites where a fake ‘blogger’ tells the tale of how wonderful the scammer’s product is.

Sadly, some scam websites even claim to sell different “top Septic Treatment” brands but in truth, all the brands they carry are the same product with different names and labels!

Luckily, some of these websites are have been taken down by the FBI while others are being investigated by the FTC and law firms for marketing fraud.

Before you make any online purchase, be sure to do a little research on the company you are interested in and the product. Many websites such as Google.com can help you weed out “scam” or “fraud” type websites so that you can make a better purchasing decision. Also, remember to read each websites “disclosure” or “disclaimers” to help weed out fake review or scam sites.

[su_spoiler title=”Why are NT-MAX products the right choice?”]Since our beginning, we at Newtechbio have vigorously tested and analyzed a multitude of treatment methods and bacterial strains to create a formula that has the ability to restore virtually any septic system.

We take great pride in our impeccable customer service and reputation and we take each and every one of our client’s situations very seriously. We know that the cost of a new septic system is for most, a life changing event. Between the engineers, the town filing fees, permits, landscaping and installer costs, many systems push upwards of $20,000.00 or more! Of course there is no such thing as a miracle product but to date, our success rate is 95% due to our outstanding product line and our commitment to get your system going no matter what it takes.
BBB® Accredited Business Seal

Newtechbio is backed by over 70 years of research and development and our expert technicians have an immense range of tools and techniques to get your system going. We deal directly with consumers nationwide and have amassed a wealth of knowledge dealing with how to make your system perform.

As a result, Newtechbio ranks #1 nationwide as the dominant leader in total septic restoration and our commitment and policies are second to none.
[su_spoiler title=”Can NT-MAX be used in commercial systems?”]NT-MAX Works in commercial systems along with residential systems and has an excellent success rate in restoring flow to commercial drainage ranging from small restaurants to large scale corporate facilities. Since commercial systems vary greatly with treatment methods depending on many factors, we suggest contacting technical support to help determine what treatment might work best for your facility.[/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”What about technical support?”]As part of our customer commitment, NT-MAX includes unlimited technical support should you need any assistance.

Our trained technicians are available during extended hours and can also be reached via email at service@newtechbio.com or call toll free 800-509-0927[/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]


Maintenance Kits Keep Your System Clear and Free of Clogs!

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Restoration Kits Completely Restore All Failed Systems!

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*Survey Data Results based on in house field and stated studies performed between May, 2012 to April, 2014 comprised of over 2,000 residential property owners and plumbing professional participants. Studies among residential septic systems that used NT-MAX super shock kit treatments saw a marked improvement in performance in as little as 1 to 6 weeks: •98.4% experienced improvement in drainage • 92.8% experienced a reduction or elimination of odors and wet spots • 96.1% experienced a reduction or elimination of gurgling sounds or odors within the above time frame.