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Bed bugs exist in every country and on every continent. Even though there was a noteworthy decrease in the amount of bed bug infestations in advanced countries like the United States following World War II, due to the excessive use of DDT. In recent years the bed bug movement has turned around and they are reclaiming old territories.

Bed bug infestations can begin from different places. Areas like hotels, motels, trains, cruise ships, and college dormitories are popular bed bug territories because of the constant goings and comings of different people from all over the world. With international travel being made more attainable to all populations, bed bug infestations are growing. What does travel have to do with bed bugs? Bed bugs tag along on the suitcases and clothing of tourists. Though, it is uncommon to discover bed bugs on shirts or pants of someone who is literally dressed in them. Bed bugs will be found on clothing packed away in duffel bags and suitcases. Bed bugs can be on clothing found in thrift stores and on second hand furniture.

As soon as bed bugs gain entry into a place of residence, they can easily infest the whole structure if left untreated. Apartment complexes, hotels are other structures that have rooms and housing areas next to each other are at risk of becoming entirely invaded by bed bugs if even one room or apartment becomes infested. They can travel from one room or apartment to another by way of electrical wiring or cracks in the walls. Building structures that use concrete to divide them will prevent the spread of bed bugs better than if the building dividers where made of other construction materials.

What do bed bugs feed off of? Answer: our blood and the blood of other warm blooded animals like our unsuspecting dogs and cats. How clean your home is and the amount of clutter in it has nothing to do with how and why bed bugs gained access into your home or place of residence. Clutter lying around your home provides more hiding areas and they are able to remain unnoticed for longer periods of time. Infestations that could have been contained to one room are now in multiple rooms. Bed bugs are very tiny, flat and oval in shape. The small bed bug hatchlings are approximately the size of a sesame seed, and at an adult stage, bed bugs are about 1/4 of inch in length. This enables them to take cover in the most inconceivable areas and allows them the creep through small crevices and nooks in your walls.

Bed bugs can be eliminated, but getting rid of the bed bug infestation quickly and effectively is based on early detection. Bed bugs can be gotten rid of by using natural bed bug spray products containing sodium lauryl sulfate. Food Grade diatomaceous earth is also an all natural powder that is safe to use in your home. As bed bugs walk through this substance, they get all cut up. This is because this fine powder actually slashes through their exoskeletons. The end result is death.

By: Bradley Skierkowski