Bed Bugs and Mental Wellness

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Bed bugs have been causing trouble in our homes for hundreds of years. Should we be concerned about our physical and mental well being? Many people are, but what are the facts? Mentally, absolutely, the fear of being bitten by bed bugs while you are sleeping will cause unneeded anxiety and nightmares. It’s terrifying to think that a tiny brown bug is going to crawl on you while you sleep and suck up your blood. Many individual experience phantom biting; even though they are not in reality being bitten, they feel as if they are. Bed bugs are very resilient creatures and are extremely difficult to eliminate from your home, especially if more than one room is infected with these little beasts.

What about your physical well being? Most of the panic associated with bed bugs is without real substance. Many people are concerned as to whether bed bugs can pass along diseases. That’s a very good question taking in to account that bed bugs feed off our blood. Scientists believe that although they do have the potential to carry and transmit certain diseases, they have not been proven to do so.

What bed bugs do cause are itchy, swollen bites that can become infected if scratched profusely. When you first notice the bites, you need to clean them with soap and water. After that you should apply hydrocortisone cream and other creams such as calamine lotion so you don’t scratch the bites. Most people, about eighty percent, are allergic to bed bug bites. This is because of their saliva that they inject into you as they suck up your blood. When an allergic reaction occurs, it is referred to as a bed bug rash. The area of your skin will be a little tender and swollen and you may need an antibiotic or steroid prescribed to you by your doctor. Most bites and rashes go away within a week or two.

Bed bugs can get into your home quite easily. They can arrive in your home with you when you return home from a vacation or business trip. They can do this by hiding out in your suitcase or whatever else you had with you when you stayed in a bed bug infested hotel. Hotels and apartments are breeding grounds for bed bugs due to so many rooms in close proximity. They increase in numbers and sweep through entire hotels and apartment complexes.

If you like a good bargain and browse through thrift shops be careful what you bring home. Bed bugs can be on used clothing and in second hand furniture. Never buy a used mattress. I was driving in my can one day and saw a nice looking sofa sitting on the side of the road with a “free sign” on it. I thought to myself, they are getting rid of it for some reason and I couldn’t help but think of bed bugs. Maybe it wasn’t the reason, but second hand furniture is one way of transporting bed bugs into your place of residence.

If you do in fact have bed bugs there are natural bed bug spray products you can use to kill the little blood suckers. Diatomaceous earth is a natural powder made from the fossilized remains of freshwater algae and is very effective in eliminating bed bugs. As they travel through it, they unknowingly commit suicide. DE acts like little knives, slicing away at a bed bug’s exoskeleton. Bed bugs that travel through this substance will dehydrate and die. Search for a bed bug spray contact killer containing sodium luryl sulfate. This is a contact killer and will kill bed bugs on site.

The bottom line is that whether its a bed bug spray killers or diatomaceous earth. Choose your weapon and get started killing bed bugs as soon as possible. Early warning and close examination of the effective area is an essential part in the eradication of bed bugs.

By: Bradley Skierkowski