Diatomaceous earth is a safe insect control

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Diatomaceous earth is a safe insect control powder substance that kills a wide variety of insects. Contrary to insecticides that kill bugs with dangerous toxic chemicals, diatomaceous earth physically kills insects by severing their exoskeleton by way of its abrasive quality. Insects can’t become immune to physical management control, as they can to certain chemical pesticides. Insecticide treatments can be expensive, are harmful to your family’s well being, and are bad for the environment.

Diatomaceous earth can be used to eradicate insects of all kinds, from those that bite, sting, and destroy wood, to even those that are good for the earth such as bees, so be cognizant if using in your garden because it could interfere with bees pollinating flowers. Keep in mind, all insects provide a particular function, even those thought of as bothersome, and getting rid of them can alter the earth’s natural balance.

The agricultural business has been using diatomaceous earth to safeguard their crops and animals from invasion of various insects. Diatomaceous earth can be put in with grain to keep insects from contaminating it. It can also be put in with their feed to get rid of internal parasites. Diatomaceous earth is also an ingredient in some baking flours. Humans and animals can ingest DE but it is critical that you purchase only food grade diatomaceous earth; other types of DE can be poisonous and cause repertory damage.

It is imperative to understand that not all types of DE are not poisonous and safe to use in your home or in your yard. Diatomaceous earth that is utilized for swimming pools is poisonous to people and animals and will not manage insects. Make sure that the DE you purchase is food grade.

Diatomaceous earth is the crushed up fossilized single cell remains of diatoms and is excavated from deposits. Diatoms are extremely small unicellular plants and plankton that thrive in the ocean and freshwater. They are a source of nourishment for all types of aquatic creatures. Eventually diatoms die and their exoskeletons sink to the bottom, forming vast deposits of diatomaceous earth. What makes DE accessible for mining? The diatomaceous earth deposits are shifted by geological transitions to dry land. There is a chance that impurities can contaminate DE deposits due to water currents, that is one reason why freshwater DE deposits are recommended. Also, be certain the diatomaceous earth is food grade and free of chemical supplements.

By: Bradley Skierkowski