Rainwater Harvesting Is Green

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Water that has fallen from the sky and that arrives here on our planet is referred to as rainwater. Do you do anything with rainwater? If not, did you know that rainwater can be used for many things and that you conserve water by doing so? Rainwater doesn’t cost a thing and it is fresh and free of many minerals that happen to dissolve in water.

We can all help the planet by conserving water, and by doing our part we can save ourselves some money. I don’t know about you, but my grandpa had a couple large barrels outside of his home for the purpose of collecting rainwater. He had them covered with mesh so bugs couldn’t get into the freshly collected rainwater. After newly fallen rain storms my grandma would make fresh lemonade and fresh tea. My grandpa would use the water for his gardens and to fill water bowls for his several pets.

Rainwater harvesting dates back to the ancient Romans and is now being erected again for commercial and domestic uses. You can start out with a simple barrel for harvesting your rainwater or you can have a system professionally installed. Your system can even be designed so that all your water needs are met. These systems are expensive and will cost a homeowner up to $10,000. This all depends on how large your home is, how much water you consume, and the size of the tank you are having installed. Commercial systems cost a lot more because the rainwater is being collected from a significantly larger square footage area and the holding tanks are much larger. The overall cost of a system will depend on other things such as the material of the tank and if your system will be above the ground or below the ground.

Along with incorporating rainwater harvesting into your new green lifestyle, you can conserve water a number of ways. You can do simple things like installing water efficient shower heads or even by shutting the water off while washing your dishes. You can shut the water off while brushing your teeth and by taking shorter showers. By doing these things you are saving water and money.

Rainwater harvesting is becoming more and more popular and you can save thousands upon thousands of gallons of water. Everyone loves free things. Why not take advantage of the rain and conserve our planet’s water supply. Water is the key to our existence.

By: Bradley Skierkowski