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We all get excited anticipating an upcoming vacation, especially if we booked a room in a very exclusive hotel with all the amenities. Putting all this aside, there is still a possibility that your room or even the entire hotel is infested with bed bugs. If you are already bed bug savvy and aware of some bed bug horror stories, you may have gone on a site like and checked to see if your hotel is bed bug free.

What should you do if you wake up in your hotel room with bites or even a rash? How can you tell if the bites are from bed bugs and what can you do to ensure that you don’t bring bed bugs home with you? This article will help you identify a bed bug rash, help you distinguish the smell of bed bugs, and tell you what to do so you don’t bring these horrible bugs back to your home.

The first thing signal a problem is an intense itching sensation. The rash, brought on by your body’s response to the bed bug’s saliva, usually takes a few days to come out. If you were bit by a mosquito you most always feel the mosquito biting you and you immediately start to itch it and see a little pink bump. You will not feel a bed bug drawing out your blood because a bed bug’s saliva contains anesthetics. It also consists of an anticoagulant which keeps your blood from clotting so they can drink your blood.

The rash develops in a line along the path of your blood vessels and will resemble mosquito bites but the swelling will be greater. Bed bug bites itch more than mosquito bites and take longer to go away. A pretty good indication that you have been feasted upon by numerous bed bugs is if you have a bed bug rash on several areas of your body. Apply an anti-itch cream like cortisone to your bites; this will also help with the inflammation. Try to keep scratching to a minimum because frequent scratching can cause your bed bug bites to become infected.

A second indicating factor that your hotel room has bed bugs is a sweet smell permeating through the air near a bed bug’s hiding place. The bed bug odor could be coming from the mattress, a set of chairs, or a dresser in the room. If the hotel you are staying at doesn’t have a large bed bug infestation, the odor may be hard to detect.

How do you prevent bed bugs from invading your home? Immediately find another hotel to stay at. Take everything out of your suitcase and put all your articles of clothing in a tub and wash them in very hot water. Check all books and anything made out of wood or fabric; bed bugs prefer these materials. Most importantly, clean your suitcase and spray it down with an all natural bed bug spray containing sodium lauryl sulfate.

If you discover any bed bugs in your home you can use an all natural product containing diatomaceous earth to destroy them. This is a powerful substance which safely eliminates bed bugs.

Taking immediate action when you come in contact with bed bugs is half the battle. Remember to inspect hotel rooms’ extensively before you unpack. Lift the bed spread and inspect the mattress for signs of bed bugs feces. Look for dark brown speck on the mattress. This is a clear indication of bed bugs. Ask the person at the checkout desk. Better to be safe than take bed bugs home with you.

By: Bradley Skierkowski