What is Mold and Fungi

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What is mold and is it a fungus, is it a fungi? Well, mold is a fungus that reproduces from what could be considered a seed like spore that can reproduce or grow in just about any area that has moisture or humidity. The best place for mold to grow is typically dark areas like the space between walls or under a carpet or rug. The attic is a great place for mold to take a foot hold and over run the area. The most common types of mold are cladosporium, penicillium, alternaria and aspergillus.

The cladosporium type of mold is the more common type of mold found inside a house or structure. It is typically found on plants, in potted plants and fabric. The cladosporium type of mold can be harmfull to humans, causing respitory problems and allergic reactions in people with compermised immune systems. There are over 31 different species of cladosporium and its appearance is dark green or black in color. The penicillium type of mold is typically found in dust particles and can also be harmful to people with compromised immune systems. Alternaria will also cause respiratory problems in some cases. Aspergillus has been known to produce mycotoxins that cause infections and allergic reactions. It is also found in foods and soil. There is an estimated range of over 300,000 species of mold or fungi in existence today.

Mold can be transmitted in many different ways. I t can be carried in form the outside on the souls of our feet. It can be carried in our homes on furniture, clothing, building material and even food. Mold will grow year round in all types of climates and environments. Most molds and fungi require high moisture levels and high temperatures with excessive humidity.

Water damage is one of the more common causes of mold growth in homes and structures. When faced with water damage, timing is of the utmost importance. The quicker you clean up the wet area the limited the water damage will be. Water damage can include floors, wood framing, drywall, electrical wiring and carpet just to name a few.

Determining what type of water damage you have can play a critical role in the cleanup process and the prevention of mold. Determining if the water type is fresh water coming from a bath tub or an appliance or if the water is contaminated and considered a grey water. Black water would be considered the worst of the three referring to sewage water. Black water will produce the worst type of damage and not to mention the most dangerous of the three levels of water damage.

If you are unfortunate enough to experience water damage. Address it immediately open all windows and vents. Remove rugs and install fans. Keeping the air circulating is key in the evaporation of moisture. De-humidifiers are a key factor and very beneficial in removing moisture from an area. Remember, that in the event of a water leak. Address it immediately.

By: Bradley Skierkowski