Destroy Bed Bugs and Sleep Easy

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It is often difficult to identify the cause of a bed bug bite or a spot that looks like a mosquito bite or scabies. If you wake up in the morning with flat red or pink spots you might suspect bed bugs. If you see an arrangement like three bites in a line, it is almost certainly from bed bugs. These bites are very itchy, so much so you might not be able to sleep. The good news is bed bugs don’t carry any illnesses only a small rash may appear. They are surely a lot of trouble, but can be eliminated. Bed bugs have no wings, and are red-brown in color. Reddish brown stains on bed linens are probably caused by bed bugs. Even though they are small, about the size of a sesame seed, these bugs must be killed before you have an infestation in other rooms of your home.

You can have an exterminator identify and kill them or you can do it yourself. Wash and disinfect all surfaces in the room and vacuum every crack, crevice, and carpet you have. This won’t kill the bugs but it will contain them, as they can be disposed of later. Put the vacuum bag in a plastic garbage bag to transport out of the room.

Vacuuming with a steam cleaner is even better than vacuuming with a regular vacuum. High degrees of heat will kill the bed bugs. There are quite a few natural ways to get rid of bed bugs. One is diatomaceous earth, which is ground up fossilized remains of diatoms. It is safe for us and our four legged friends, but for bed bugs it is deadly. The fine white powdery substance acts like tiny razors slicing their exoskeleton. This leaves the bed bugs to dehydrate and die. Put diatomaceous earth in all the contaminated areas and leave it sit for a few days. It will kill the bed bugs and you can vacuum the DE and dried up bugs away.

Sunlight can kill bed bugs too if items infected are exposed to bright sunlight for a couple of hours. Check carefully to make sure the bugs are dead. This method doesn’t guarantee all the bugs are dead, so inspect your mattress, furniture, and other items thoroughly.

Check the web for other natural ways to get rid of these pests. There are even sprays without harmful chemicals in them now that will get the job done.

By: Bradley Skierkowski