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Bed bugs can be the root of the itchy, inflamed rash you woke up with one morning. Bed bugs aren’t something the typical person thinks about on a daily basis, but if you ever experience a bed bug infestation in your home, you will never forget about them. So, the typical person doesn’t think, “Oh, I was bit by a bed bug last night” when they begin to scratch their skin excessively. Here’s what to look for:

Bed bugs leave behind mosquito looking type bites that swell and form welts, especially if one has an allergic reaction to the saliva of a bed bug. The saliva is excreted by one of the bed bug’s mouth tubes into your body while a second tube simultaneously sucks up your blood. Pretty nice, don’t you think? Bed bug bites go away at a much slower rate than mosquito bites and the itching sensation is much worse. If scratched too much, the area of your skin that has the bed bug rash will become infected. If an infection does occur, antibiotics or steroids may be needed. To prevent an infection from occurring, control the itch with anti-itch creams containing hydrocortisone or rub in some calamine lotion.

Bed bugs can be seen without the use of any magnifying tool. They are comparable in size to that of an apple seed and can grow to be as large as one quarter of an inch long. Bed bugs don’t have any wings and are flat, flatter than that of an apple seed. They are brown in color, just as an apple seed, though the brown will be tinged with a bit of red if they have recently had your blood as a main course. Bed bugs will most always bite you on your shoulders, arms, and legs (areas that are exposed). Also, bed bug bites are not random, they occur in a line along one of your blood vessels.

Bed bugs will most likely be found in your mattress. If you first stumble upon a bed bug, say on your sofa, there is a very good chance, close to 100%, that there are bed bugs all over your bed. Bed bugs also love wooden furniture and other items made of cloth, like clothing, stuffed animals, rugs, and draperies. Bed bugs can easily take over your home and your life until they are properly treated and removed from your home. Having bed bugs can be very embarrassing. What if your child told someone at school that they couldn’t come over play because they had bed bugs? Try explaining that one. Bed bugs can cause stress levels to rise, putting you on edge. Many people who have bed bugs are not able to sleep at night, how could they, fearing they will be covered with these blood sucking pests at night. Parents stay awake at night, keeping a watchful eye on their children.

Immediate action needs to be taken when you discover bed bugs in your home. Instead of using harsh chemical insecticides, there are now safe “green” products available for the elimination of bed bugs. Look for products containing food grade diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle it all over your home; even apply a protective barrier outside your home. It is made from ground up fossilized organisms and will not harm you, your pets, or your soil.

By: Bradley Skierkowski