Get Rid of Mold on Wood Furniture

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Get Rid of Mold on Wood Furniture

This article was writer with the intent of helping the home owner identify and remove molds and mildews on furniture inside and outside of the home. Molds and mildews come from spores that are basically airborne floating from place to place covering the earth. Mold spores require basically two things to grow mold and mildew; water and cellulose are the two ingredients. Given the proper environment, the mold will begin to grow digesting anything organic in its path. Getting rid of mold on furniture should be the priority of any homeowner. The faster growing molds and mildews are identified the faster you will be able to devise a mold and mildew containment plan.

Step 1: Is to wash the material affected by the mold with mild solution 4 parts water and 1 part soap “DO NOT USE BLEACH”. Bleach can damage the cushion fabric or discolor the surface of the furniture. If you insist on using bleach, try the bleach on a small sample spot prior to treating the entire piece.

Step 2: Wipe a small area with the solution to ensure that the material or article is compatible with your cleaning solution. Wipe the surface area until the mold starts to dissipate.

Step 3: Wipe the clean area with a damp until mold has been removed. Repeat if necessary.

Step 4: Place cleaned upholstery or furniture in a clean area and allow to sun dry.

Step 5: In the event you have a valuable piece of furniture consider consulting a professional refinishing company for the removal of the mold. Some materials such as expensive fabric or suede can be damaged by household chemicals.

For the do it your (DIY) type home owner, and excessive amount of mold on wood furniture, you may want to consider using a professional mold remediation product that is approved by the EPA for killing mold and mildew.

By: Bradley Skierkowski