Green Mold Removal

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As many of us know, mold is extremely difficult to remove from your house, clothing, and many other things. It can also be very costly to remove especially if you use a mold removal service or store bought mold removers. The surprising thing is there are green cleaning removers for mold that are very inexpensive, but more importantly, work.

Before deciding on a mold removal, do your research and make sure you are using the proper method for the type of mold plus the right mold remover for where the mold is – such as a wall or something made of material. This way you will not waste time, money, or even the possibility of damaging what you are trying to fix.

If you tell a friend you are trying to remove mold from something they usually tell you about the big cost you are in for. But that is not true most of the time. Then, they will recommend different mold removers you can buy. Fortunately, there are other green mold removal methods. There are several natural mold removal methods that are safe, work real well, and cost very little. They may surprise you at first.

One of the best things for removing mold from clothing is lemon juice. The best part is that it is also relatively easy. Just wet the area with the mold a little so it is not dripping. Next, sprinkle a little salt on the area and lay it in the sun to dry. As soon as it dries immediately rinse off the material and put it in the sun to dry again. The mold will be gone.

Vinegar is another thing to use. It is really an old stand by and can be used for many more green projects. Mold on walls comes off really well with vinegar. Get a plastic spray bottle and just spray the affected area. A few minutes later scrub the area and you should have good results. If you need to get mold and smell out of the fabric, just soak in vinegar and water. When the fabric is dry, wash it as usual. The smell will be gone.

Finally, the use of salt seems a small part of the mixtures but it does enhance the removal of the mold. It is true you do have to spend some money to remove problem mold, but with readily available things, like salt, vinegar, and lemon juice, it won’t break your wallet.

By: Bradley Skierkowski