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NT-MAX clogged septic and drainfield cleaner is environmentally safe

Environmentally Safe
Chemical Free
Prevent Costly Repairs
Eliminate Pump-Outs
Clean Clogged Drainfield
Repair Clogged Septic
Digests Raw Sewage
Eliminate Septic Odors
Digests 100lbs per Day
Pennies Per Day
Liquefies septic Solids
Enzymes absorb Sludge


Controlling Septic Tank Effluent

As waste leaves the house and enters the septic tank, the tank begins to perform two functions.

  • First, it allows the solids to settle to the bottom forming what is called a "sludge" layer while the liquids rise to the top forming a "scum layer" and lastly forming a clear middle layer called effluent.

  • Second, bacteria which is normally naturally occurring in the entire system, begin breaking down the solids and destroying the pathogens which are present.

As the process continues in the tank, the effluent now enters the "soil treatment" phase(enters the drainfield) while baffles keep larger floating solids out. The is comprised of distribution pipe laid in a trench partially filled with gravel and covered with topsoil and as the affluent enters the drainfield, it percolates through the gravel bed where most of the pathogens are destroyed by the oxygen fed (aerobic) bacteria in the drainfield. As the affluent enters the final stage of entering the soil surrounding the drainfield, bacteria present in the soil finalizes the process and by the time the affluent has traveled 3 feet through the soil, all pathogens are destroyed and the water remaining is of drinking quality and the process continues as the fluids disperse deeper into the soil.

As the effluent enters the drainfield it percolates through the gravel bed where a large portion of the pathogens are destroyed. Pockets of oxygen created by the uneven shape of the gravel allow the more efficient aerobic bacteria to exist. As the effluent exits the drainfield the natural soil completes the treatment process. By the time the effluent has traveled 2-3 feet through the soil all the remaining pathogens have been destroyed and the water is drinking quality. The cleaning process continues as the water migrates through the soil

Harmful chemical septic treatments defeat this entire process by killing off the necessary bacteria colonies and instead of digesting the sludge and solids, they simply loosen the blockages and force the solids further into the drainfield, making matters worse. NT-MAX products digest sludge and organic matter at a rate of 100 lbs per day and reintroduce the much needed bacteria/enzyme combination needed for proper functionality of the tank and drainfield. NT-MAX contains 14 Trillion bacteria per gallon which double in numbers every 30 minutes to aggressively digest sludge, effluent, organic matter and other waste, restoring your system to "like new" condition.

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