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NT-MAX clogged septic and drainfield cleaner is 100% Natural and environmentally safe. Most septic treatments are harmful to the environment and your family. NT-MAX septic treatment will not harm people, pets, pipes or the environment.

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Powerful Grease trap maintenance and blockage treatment. Completely restores clogged drainfield and leachfields.NT-MAX Grease Trap Treatment:NT-MAX Grease Trap Treatment helps you regain control of your system and restore functionality to your grease trap system. 600 Trillion specifically selected bacteria per treatment quickly digests oils, fats, grease and organics .
Septic tank and drainfield/leachfield treatment quickly and completely restores clogged septic systems.NT-MAX Septic and Drainfield Treatment:NT-MAX clogged septic and drainfield treatment. 600 Trillion Bacteria per gallon and 30 Trillion per powder treatment. Totally restores clogged septic tanks and drainfields and eliminates pump-outs.
Powerful Decaying Algae and Dead Duckweed digestion treatment.NT-MAX Biological Water Treatment: NT-MAX Industrial Strength Biological Water Clarifier & Digester Eliminates Excess Sludge & Nutrients to Completely Restore Your Lake, Pond or Lagoon to Crystal Clear Condition. Chemical Free Treatment Safe for People, Pets and Fish.
RootX Root Killer - Foaming Formula Eliminates Roots Fast!RootX Root Killer for All Septic Systems: ROOT-X Industrial Strength Root Killer Guaranteed to Eliminates Roots Clogging and Blocking Your Entire Septic System. Aggressive foaming action works fast to free up blockages in all septic systems, lines and fields.

Ask Us About NewTechBio's Bacteria Odor Control formulas for Hotels, Restaurants, Rest Homes, Automobiles and RV's. We also Carry Formula Specific Cesspool and Pond Treatments as well as Farm Waste Degradation and Drainfield Treatments.

Industrial Strength Septic Treatment. 100% Natural, Environmentally Safe, our Strongest Product Available. Restore Clogged Septic and Drainfield Systems and Eliminate Pump-Outs.
Order NT-MAX to repair clogged septic systems, cesspool, lateral lines, drainfield, grease traps, outhouses, holding tanks, drains, RV's, lagoons, aerobic/mound, lift station and all other system types.

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NewTechBio USA provides some of the most powerful clogged septic cleaning enzyme and bacterial septic treatments on the market in a powder or liquid form. Clogged septic systems and clogged drainfields can cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace. NT-MAX contains 600 Trillion bacteria per treatment and can completely restore your clogged septic and drainfield to full functionality.
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