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Alligare RTU 32oz Duckweed and Lake Weed Control - Ready to Pour + Free Ship!


ALLIGARE Fluridone - Powerful DuckWeed and PondWeed Control Treatment for Lakes, Ponds, Lagoons, Ornamental Ponds, Reservoirs, Potable Water Sources, Drainage Canals and Irrigation Canals.

Alligare herbicide contains Fluridone - the same active ingredient used by professionals worldwide!

Alligare duckweed killer remains a premier control treatment of choice by aquatic professionals worldwide since the active ingredient in Alligare, Fluridone, has the power and ability to completely eliminate DuckWeed and nuisance weeds.

Application is easy - Simply follow included application instructions! Once applied, Alligare is absorbed by shoots and roots and travels systemically in the vascular system of nuisance aquatic weeds.

Alligare has no swimming restriction and just 8 ounces will completely treat a 1/2 acre shallow pond for the entire season.

Alligare Duckweed and Lake Weed Control - Waiting Periods: If application rates are 150 ppb or less, treated water may be used immediately with no waiting period for drinking (potable) water (including watering livestock and pets.

Alligare Controls
  • common duckweed
  • spatterdock
  • bladderwort
  • paragrass
  • water-lily
  • common coontail
  • common elodea
  • egeria, Brazilian elodea
  • fanwort, cabomba
  • hydrilla
  • naiad
  • pondweed
  • watermilfoil
Partially Controls
  • common watermeal
  • alligatorweed
  • Illinois pondweed
  • barnyardgrass
  • American lotus
  • limnophila
  • giant cutgrass
  • cattail
  • tapegrass
  • reed canarygrass
  • creeping waterprimrose
  • American eelgrass
  • southern watergrass
  • parrotfeather
  • watermilfoil-variable-leaf milfoil
  • torpedograss
  • smartweed
  • spikerush
  • waterpurslane
  • watershield

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Pond Size
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Total Bottles
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1/8 1 (32oz) 16oz 8oz 8oz
1/4 2 (64oz) 32oz 16oz 16oz
1/3 3 (96oz) 48oz 24oz 24oz
1/2 4 (128oz) 64oz 32oz 32oz
3/4 6 (192oz) 96oz 48oz 48oz
1acre 8 (256oz) 128oz 64oz 64oz

Downloads - Alligare Label Alligare MSDS

**For maximum lake & pond remediation, remember to initially incorporate a high-concentrate temporary aquatic dye, and apply a commercial grade lake & pond bacteria microbe to eliminate sludge, muck and nitrates (weed fuel source) once target weeds have been completely eradicated.

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Read Entire Label Prior To Treatment
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