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Stingray Aquatic Herbicide 32 oz treats up to 9 acre + Free Ship


Stingray Aquatic Herbicide 32 oz. treats up to 9 acre + Free Shipping

Stingray aquatic herbicide is a liquid formulation which is emulsifiable in water. It is designed to be mixed with water and applied to aquatic areas for control of floating and emerged weeds such as, water hyacinth, water lettuce, and giant salvinia. Weed control is more effective on immature, actively growing weeds than on mature, less actively growing weeds. Benefits: Stingray provides fast-acting injury to all susceptible floating weed species following application providing visual results in 24 - 48 hours. This product is a contact herbicide with little or no residual activity at recommended use rates. This product is rapidly absorbed through the foliage of plants.

The herbicide is rainfast within one hour after application. Within a few hours following application, the foliage of susceptible weeds may show signs of desiccation, and in subsequent week’s necrosis and death of the plant. Stingray provides managers with a unique and economical tool for simultaneous foliar treatment of these problem species with excellent selectivity to desirable native plants. Stingray provides fast-acting injury to susceptible floating weed species following application allowing operational field crews to visually see their treatment areas in 24 – 48 hours. Stingray can be used alone or in combination with other systemic herbicides.

Active Ingredient Carfentrazone-ethyl . . .  . 21.3%
Other Ingredients . . . 78.7%
TOTAL. . . . . . . . 100.0%
This product contains 1.9 pounds active ingredient per gallon.

Water Use Restrictions Following Applications with Stingray Aquatic Herbicide
Water Use 20 % of the surface acre treated 20- 50 % of the surface acre treated (spot treatment)
Drinking 0 day 1 day
Fishing and Swimming 0 day 0 day
Livestock** Consumption 0 day 1 day
Spray tank applications* and Irrigation to Commercial Turf Farms and Residential Turf and Ornamentals 0 day 14 days
Spray tank applications* and Irrigation to Food Crops 0 day 14 days

* For preparing agricultural sprays for food crops, turf, or ornamentals (to prevent phytotoxicity), do not use water treated with Stingray Aquatic Herbicide before the specified time period. ** Treated water may not be used as a water source for livestock until the carfentrazone-ethyl and major degradate level has dropped to less than 0.2 ppm. ADJUVANTS Applications of this product require the addition of a spray adjuvant. For best results, use methylated seed oils or nonionic surfactants at recommended manufacturer’s rates. Adjuvants that improve adherence to the leaf surface will also improve effectiveness. Do not use with tank additives that alter the pH of the spray solution below pH 5 or above pH 8. Buffer solution to alter the pH range as appropriate.

Tank Mix Recommendations This product may be tank mixed with other aquatic herbicides (e.g. 2,4-D, diquat, triclopyr, imazapyr and glyphosate) to control weeds not listed on this label. Refer to the companion herbicide label for use directions, precautions and restrictions on use. Stingray Aquatic Herbicide is believed to be compatible with most other aquatic herbicides. However, when preparing a new tank mix, always conduct a physical compatibility test by mixing proportional amounts of all spray ingredients in a test vessel (jar). Shake the mixture vigorously and allow it to stand for five to ten minutes. Rapid precipitation of the ingredients and failure to re-suspend when shaken indicates that the mixture is incompatible and should not be applied.

Works great on the following aquatic weeds; Water-lettuce (Pistia stratiotes) Water-hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) Salvinia (Salvinia minima, Salvinia molesta) Duckweed (Lemna spp.) Mosquito fern (Azolla caroliniana) Water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica) Watermeals (Wolffia spp.) Alligatorweed (Alternanthera philoxeroides) (Suppression) Water primrose (Ludwigia octovalvis) (Suppression)   Application rates;

Water Depth (feet) Gallons of Stingray per Surface Acre
1 0.286
2 0.574
3 0.858
4 1.15
5 1.43
6 1.72
7 2.01
8 2.29
9 2.58
10 2.86
15 4.30
20 5.74

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Stingray Label - StingRay MSDS
Read Entire Label Prior To Treatment
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