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First Steps The initial step in eliminating bed bugs (tiny revolting insects) from your home is to be certain they are actually bed bugs. There are a number of varying insects, dust mites for example, that could be taking up residence in your mattress and bedclothes that may be resistant to the methods of insect management required to eradicate the typical bed bug. Many blogs, search engines and forums throughout the web host pictures of bed bugs, larvae and their eggs and with a little research you can easily determine whether or not your personal problem is in fact a bed bug infestation.

How to know? The second step is to figure out how you want to go about getting rid of bed bugs and their eggs. Maybe you think hiring an exterminator is the best route to take? Hiring a professional to eradicate bed bugs can be quite expensive and repeat visits are more than likely. Reports from all the over the country reveal bed bug treatments by professional exterminators costing anywhere from several hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars for just a single treatment! Once you realize the bank draining costs associated with bed bug extermination, you may just decide to personally carry out the task of annihilating these vicious blood sucking bed bug monsters that wreak havoc in the middle of the night.

Take Action If you are experiencing a bed bug invasion and you don’t take immediate action, you will have a major issue on your hands, for instance you may have hordes of these vampires nesting throughout your entire home and in all your mattresses, sofa and carpets. This article will provide you with three treatment methods that you can utilize to bring an end to the bed bug infestation in your home. You be the judge on which one you think is best to try, though you may wind up tying all three methods of bed bug eradication.

Going Green One of the first “green” options is to use a product containing diatomaceous earth to help solve your bed bug infestation problem. If used properly, products containing this natural ingredient will get rid of bed bugs. Diatomaceous earth has a fine powdery texture and acts as an abrasive. As the bed bugs travel through this substance it slashes through their exoskeleton. The bed bugs will eventually die due to dehydration. Food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) is completely safe around people and pets but is truly a lethal killing machine once bed bugs make contact with the powder. Once applied, DE provides a protective barrier that is long lasting and inconspicuous. DE has been used for many years as a cost effective means to eradicate bed bug populations throughout the world.

Soap Stuff In conjunction with DE, powerful formulas containing GRAS list ingredients proven to get rid of bed bugs pose a potent threat to the unwelcome creatures ruining your peace of mind. Products containing sodium lauryl sulfate (SLF) have shown to kill on contact both bed bugs and bed bug larvae. Such products are readily available and pose little to no risk in treating your entire home for infestation. SLF is found in a multitude of products ranging from ice cream to cosmetics and soap and has been deemed safe by the EPA with GRAS list exempt classification.

Lastly The last and most expensive way to treat bed bugs is to employ the help of an exterminator who specializes in bed bugs. If you have the money to spend and don’t want the hassle of handling the problem by yourself then this is a good option for you. Thorough research may yield lower cost exterminators but be sure to ask for references to afford proof that their treatment plan is effective. Consumer reports of theft by company employees may be on the rise so be sure to remove any items of value and try to be within close range while treatment is in process.

Ready to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Now? Bed bug infestation can be a living nightmare for you and your family. There are ways to go about getting rid of bed bugs. Most of us don’t have money put aside in our budgets to hire an exterminator. All natural products containing diatomaceous earth and other natural ingredients will kill bed bugs and save you a lot of money. Always carefully consider the alternative bed bug control methods. The all natural bed bug treatments are a safe way to approach your bed bug problems. Remember, attacking a bed bug problem as soon as you become aware of their existence will most likely result in faster, safer erradication.

By: Bradley Skierkowski