Just Say No to Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are feared by even the most experienced exterminators. They are without a doubt one of the most persistent and hated insects in the world. They spread so easily and they are so good at concealing themselves during the day, it makes it difficult to catch and kill them. The common bed bug referred to as Cimex lectularius, is the most widespread and discovered in areas of the world where the temperature as moderate conditions.

Bed bugs get their nourishment from your blood. Mature bed bugs are flat and egg-shaped. They are brown to red in color and can grow to be about ¼ inch in length. While they suck up your blood their bodies become bloated and have been said to resemble an apple seed.

Bed bugs gain entrance into your place of residence by way of used furniture and other items you purchase at a thrift store. They can also be brought into your home on your suitcase, if you were recently on a trip. Hotels all over the world are experiencing bed bug infestations. If you have just moved into an apartment or townhouse that has been unoccupied for some time, don’t assume it is bed bug free. Bed bugs can exist for up to a year without getting a fix of our blood.

Bed bugs get to work at night, so while you are sleeping they are planning their next meal. Sadly, you won’t realize what is going on until you see the little red bumps left behind by these horrific insects. The bites will form along the path of your blood vessels. Bed bugs don’t actually bite, they plunge two tubes into your flesh. One sucks up your blood while the other pushes in an anesthetic and anticoagulant which are found in the saliva of a bed bug. This combined with the fact that you are sleeping gives bed bugs the upper hand.

It doesn’t matter if you maintain an immaculately clean home; bed bugs can still infest it. If bed bugs do gain access into your home they tend to take cover in your mattress, especially the seaming areas, and in an assortment of other places such as furniture and in and around baseboards. Having bed bugs in your home can tend to make sleeping very stressful.

You need to respond immediately by vacuuming to remove any bed bugs you actually see (burn the bag) and by using natural sprays and powders to kill the bed bugs. Bed bug sprays will kill bed bugs as soon as you mist them with the solution. Bed bug powder, specifically diatomaceous earth, does not kill bed bugs immediately but acts like tiny razors, slashing through the exoskeletons of the bed bugs. The slashing action occurs as they travel through the substance to and from their feeding source. The bed bugs will eventually wither away and die.

To ensure that you get a good night’s sleep, push your bed away from the wall and don’t let any blankets touch the ground. You can also wrap some adhesive tape, double sided, around all four legs of your bed. Another way to prevent bed bug bites at night is to place each of your bed’s legs into a shallow container of vegetable oil. As the bed bug elimination is in process, this will ensure that if there are still a few bed bugs on the prowl, they won’t get to you.

Bed bugs are excellent hiders, don’t leave any stone unturned. Your entire home must be cleaned, vacuumed, and all holes and crevices sealed. Natural bed bug sprays and powders need to be used immediately. The sooner you begin the annihilation, the better your chances are of eliminating them and containing the infestation to only one or two rooms of your home.

By: Bradley Skierkowski