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Recently, while reading about green cleaning solutions, I came across a passage that shocked me. Manufacturers have no laws or guidelines that compel them to tell consumers what chemicals are in their products. I’m sure quite a few of these chemicals are toxic. They are even more toxic than you realize because if you choose a washing detergent, the chemicals are not only washing your clothes, but later you are lying between the sheets you washed in the same detergent. Don’t forget your body is absorbing whatever chemicals that is on those sheets. We also use many different spray cleaners in our kitchens. When they are being sprayed around they contaminate the air we breathe.

As if this isn’t enough, these chemicals can land in our drinking water and into our streams, killing wildlife and polluting the water. All the cleaners we have aren’t a requirement to clean our homes.

With all the advertising going on it makes us believe we have need of this cleaner for the kitchen, a different one for the bathroom, and one for the floors. The truth of the matter is that there are healthy choices you can use that will also cost you less. First, use up your cleaning products and then save the spray bottles to use for your green cleaning solutions, ones that you are going to make. A very good cleaner is vinegar and bicarbonate soda. It is especially good on mold and lime scale; two tough things to get rid of. Lemons are great to get stains off your cutting board. There are many things like these that are natural and can be made easily at home. Most of the ingredients used, you probably already have in your home. Vinegar is a staple to keep around for green cleaning. Mix vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together and you have another great cleaner.

You don’t have to go green all at one time. Start with one area of your home and then another. Almost before you realize it you’ll be using be using less and less of the cleaners from the store. Not only will it be healthier for you and your family and less expensive, it will be great for the environment.

By: Bradley Skierkowski