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NT-MAX grease trap treatment is 100% natural and environmentally safe.


NT-MAX is the Strongest Commercial Grade Clogged Grease Trap and Drainfield Product Available on the Market Today!

Other Brands can Cost up to 600% More While Offering Weaker Less Effective Products. NT-MAX Contains over 4.1 Trillion Bacteria Per Gallon! NT-MAX has the Power and Strength to Eliminate Pump-Outs and Completely Restore Your Clogged Trap and Drainfield System.

NT-MAX industrial grade grease trap product was developed to digest grease, oil, fats and organic matter as rapidly as possible to potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars in repair or replacement costs. While other products may be "stopped in their tracks" by FOG and anti-bacterial cleaners, chemical resistant NT-MAX can neutralize soaps and detergents to continue degrading waste faster!

Industrial Strength Grease Trap Treatment. 100% Natural, Environmentally Safe, Strongest Product Available. Restore Clogged Drainfield Systems and Eliminate Pump-Outs.
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Stop paying more for less effective "one size fits all" treatments that claim to work on all problems. Weaker brands neglect to state their bacterial counts, concealing their quality and potency. NT-MAX Grease Trap Treatment contains 4.1 Trillion Bacteria per gallon - Stronger than any leading brand and is specifically formulated for grease traps and the complete restoration of sludge clogged traps and drainfields. NT-MAX is best suited for grease digestation and is used nationally by restaurants, bakeries, canneries, fast foods, hospitals, confectionaries and donut shops.
NT-MAX Grease Trap Treatment can save you tens of thousands of dollars in costly repairs and prevent you from having to replace your grease trap and drainfield system, which can cost $10,000 to $70,000 or more to repair or replace.

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Copyright 2007 NewTechBio NT-MAX grease trap Treatment USA All Rights Reserved NewTechBio USA provides the most powerful grease trap treatment cleaning enzyme and bacterial restaurant grease trap treatments on the market in a powder or liquid form. Clogged grease trap lines and clogged drainfields can cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace. NT-MAX grease trap treatment contains 4.1 Trillion bacteria per gallon and can completely restore your clogged grease trap drainfield to full functionality.
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