Get Rid of Black Mold Guide Tips

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Get Rid of Black Mold Guide Tips

There are many formed of mold in the world today. Researchers estimate that there are up to 310,000 plus verities of mold that live in our world today. Many of these molds are harmless, on the other hand, some molds and funguses can be extremely toxic to humans. Strachybotray is an extremely toxic mold more commonly referred to as the “Black or Green” Mold. This type of mold can be very toxic to humans and can grow just about anywhere where humidity is present.

Strachybotray or “Black or Green Toxic Mold” is a mold most professional toxic mold remediation companies are familiar with. Mold and fungus remediation companies have the knowledge and tools to properly address and stop toxic mold from spreading.

Strachybotray mold can cause a multitude of flu like symptoms ranging from nausea, headaches, memory loss, infertility, urinary track infections and even death in some cases of infants. Strachybotray Black Green Mold exposure can be especially dangerous for people with deficient or weak immune systems. Black and Green Toxic Mold are prone to grow in areas that are hot and humid. Mold spores are everywhere just waiting to come in contact with a food source such as water or cellulose in the form of paper and building materials just to name a few.

It is important to ensure that window sills are kept dry. Water can form from sweating windows collecting water and feeding mold. Water pipes can sweat causing moisture buildup that can eventually lead to mold growth. Wipe these areas clean on a regular basis making sure they are dry and free of moisture.

Dehumidifiers are a cheap way of controlling high levels of humidity. The installation of ceiling fans will also create air movement and circulation reducing stagnant air conditions.

In the event, that your home is exposed to flooding or water damage. Make sure to contain the water as soon as possible. Call a flood water remediation specialist as soon as possible. Mold can start growing in the first 24 hours of a flood. Make sure that when you contact the remediation company they are prepared to start the water removal process when they arrive at your home.

The best course of action is to know the facts about toxic molds, fungus and mildews. Contact a professional mold remediation company as soon as possible. Contain the area as soon as possible. Seek a professional remediation company.

By: Bradley Skierkowski